Lana desperately struggled to stay conscious, as the potent stallion stench  threatened to make her faint. In a frenzy, she continually snorted the full-bodied musk that her stallion Master continued to discharge, with every whiff causing her womb to throb with need. Her hungry snatch pulsed with every inhalation, her mates impressive stench preparing her to be bred.

It isn't long before sweat drips from every pore of Lana's body, the strong stallion stink putting her in a powerful, and absolute heat. She was deep in a sauna of lust, her own body now producing a sea of pheromones as her pony prince enslaved her to his ass stink.

The secret agent greedily used her thick fingers to pry apart her Master's perfect, puffy hole. The almighty ass perfume that erupted from the horses distended hole was limitless, the once proud secret agent had now been turned into a completely subservient stallion stench slave.

Almost an hour later, Agent Kane had lost count of how many times she had cum, she only knew that she couldn't stop her tongue from doing laps inside the stallions stinking asshole. The bloated horse hole was completely lathered with her saliva, and her fingers and tongue slithered noisily in and around the dark, chocolate donut.

The once proud Agent Kane had become a complete slave to a mere stallion,  there is no doubt she will be addicted to horse assholes for the rest of her life.

Description sent in from an anonymous authoer via email.

Round 2 of Lanas encounter with the horse, shes hooked now.

Some may remember her first encounter I did a few months ago, I decided to elaborate on the theme.

I also re-arranged the archive a bit, so the Lana set appears in sequence.

If youre into this kink, I drew another with Cammy.