That Lucario is gay

Hey sorry I can sometimes take a few days longer to make an update, some weeks are more difficult than others, but Im not just sitting back doing nothing in those days, Im always trying to figure out new pages/concepts to do, and it can be more difficult when I cant string together anything coherent.

If you are curious what the concepts initically look like, heres how I try to visualize the ideas into a page, you may recognize some of these:

sometimes I will legit spend all day trying to make coherent pages and up being able not to use any of it at all.

Either way I try to deliver at least something that week.

Im currently not sure how many more of these Pokemon themed ones I want to do or even what other direction I should do or revisit, as a very impulsive person I just try to take things as they go.

But thanks for being patient, and to those being inpatient, I still appreciate the high interest in what I draw. Ill try to have another one before the week ends, see you then.